Crochet clothing Projects Using Surface Crochet

An easy technique that gives beautiful result

Surface Crochet on a filet mesh

crochet coat surface crochet

For winter

A Gorgeous Coat
using "Alize yarns"
crochet jacket surface crochet
A Gorgeous Jacket

for spring

Just use cotton yarns
crochet vest - back
crochet vest - front
crochet filet mesh stitch pattern
This is the crochet filet mesh pattern used

endless projects

With the same technique, endless projects can be made
crochet bag

Suggestion for beautiful patterns

A suggestion from me that you could get inspiration for gorgeous patterns for "surface crochet" projects from the "Two Color Brioche Knitting" patterns
Two Color Brioche Knitting Patterns
Two Color Brioche Knitting hat

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